The Zambezi Wanderer

There are a number of reasons to consider Zimbabwe for your next safari.  Zimbabwe is home to vast national parks full of game with a remote, wilderness feel.  Hwange National Park is the largest park in Zimbabwe.  Hwange has always been renowned for its incredible diversity of wildlife, and to this day it boasts more varieties of mammal and bird species than any other Zimbabwean National Park.  However, the area is particularly famous for its population of elephant, some 44,000 strong.  Mana Pools National Park protects miles of the wild Zambezi River where canoe safaris are offered to get you close to the abundant elephants and other game.  And of course there is the famous Victoria Falls National Park.  One of the largest waterfalls in the world at over 300 feet deep and a mile wide.

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The Zambezi Wanderer

Africa's fourth largest river, the Zambezi River (meaning "Great River" in the Tonga dialect) begins as a trickle from a remote marsh in northwestern Zambia and flows over 1600 miles to the Indian Ocean.  During its journey to the sea, the Zambezi greatly increases in size and frequently changes its mood.  From boiling white-water below Victoria Falls to its lazy meandering between the escarpments of Mana Pools, the Zambezi evokes mystery and awe.

The Zambezi Wanderer Safari features classic bush camps, exciting walking safaris, and spectacular scenery. In recent years, Zimbabwe has seen a resurgence of traveler's looking for an authentic safari with few visitors.  Along with classic game drives, these parks offer a variety of land- and water-based activities.

On this nine day journey across northern Zimbabwe, you'll experience every mood of the great river and the abundant life its waters support.  Starting in Victoria Falls, your safari takes you to Hwange (Zimbabwe's largest national Park) and on to Mana Pools, a remote park on the banks of the Zambezi.  Your accommodation will be in small luxury lodges and tented camps located in Zimbabwe's remote wilderness.


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We have plenty of safari packages to explore or we can help you create a tailor-made safari that is perfect for you.  We have the expertise and experience to design an adventure deep into the African wilderness.

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