Namibia’s Green Season

The "green season" is southern Africa's summertime and in some places the rainy season.  Typically it's the least popular time for safaris, but there are some distinct advantages to traveling between January and March (see below for 11 great reasons).  If you have any reservations about green season travel in Namibia, you can put those thoughts to rest. Namibia receives a fraction of the rain its neighbors get during the green season and temperatures are pleasant. Wildlife is at its healthiest and normally arid scenery can burst into bloom with just a hint of moisture. There are also fewer tourists and lodges offer great incentives, cutting prices below the peak season rates. It's a fantastic time of year to visit, and we’re offering some new exclusive packages from our partner in Namibia that will open up this destination to those who might not have been able to afford a safari during Namibia's peak season.

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If you’ve always wanted to visit Namibia, take a look at our green season specials.  Explore this amazing country with a naturalist guide or set your own pace as you drive yourself through Namibia’s desert wilderness.  Climb the world’s highest sand dunes, watch wildlife interactions at Etosha’s numerous waterholes, search for the desert lions along the remote Skeleton Coast and the elusive desert elephants along the dry rivers beds of Damaralnad, or learn about wildlife conservation at the Africat Foundation.

11 Great Reasons to Visit Namibia in the Green Season:


  1.  Winter Sun. Escape the damp and dismal northern hemisphere winters and enjoy warm sunny summer days with average min/max temperatures of 63/85ºF.
  2.  Avoid the crowds (a relative term in Namibia) of the high season enjoy the true feeling of Namibian peace and solitude.
  3.  When and if it rains, enjoy short spectacular afternoon thundershowers which only last an hour or so. This is great to watch and rarely causes any great inconvenience.
  4.  It is the best time from a weather perspective to explore Namibia’s Skeleton Coast.
  5.  Experience the ‘season of bounty’, with a green and flowering desert when all forms of life look strong and healthy.
  6.  Observe the calving season for most antelope species and the resulting heightened activity among predators.
  7.  Look out for spectacular birding opportunities with many migratory species flocking in to enjoy this time of warmth and abundance.
  8.  Look out for antelope species which also tend to congregate in larger herds at this time of the year, allowing for great wildlife photography.
  9.  Breathe the air which is crisp and clean as the rain has generally cleared the dust in the air, allowing for great landscape photography.
  10.  Enjoy the cloud cover which diffuses the otherwise harsh light conditions and makes the country look truly benevolent, especially when there is also some grass after the early rains.
  11.  Share the excitement and enjoyment of the Namibian people when they welcome the rains that ensure future good grazing as well as plentiful wild fruit and other natural treasures.


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