The End of Low Season Gorilla Permits?

uganda gorilla trek

UPDATE (Aug 17, 2019):  The Uganda Wildlife Authority has announced an increase in the price of gorilla permits that will now cost a flat fee of $700 in both low and high seasons for all visitors effective starting July 2020.  Chimp trekking in Kabale is now $200.  Rates for other primate trekking activities have increased as well.


If you've been dreaming of trekking for mountain gorillas in east Africa, you may consider booking a safari by the end of the year.  Uganda and Rwanda have a majority of these critically endangered primates but the permit fees aren't cheap and the rates are once again increasing.

uganda gorilla trek

Currently the low season (April, May, November) permit for gorilla trekking in Uganda is $450/person/trek and the high season permit is $600/person/trek (each permit allows only 1 hour with the gorillas).  However, the ongoing low season rates may only continue until November 2017.  The Uganda Wildlife Authority hasn't determined if they will be offering the low season permits in 2018 so November 2017 may be the last time you can take advantage of the discounted permits.

Permit fees generate important income for gorilla conservation and the surrounding communities, but the cost of a gorilla trek is rising.  Rwanda recently increased their permits 100% to $1500/per person/trek, which may limit gorilla trekking in this country to the high-end market.  Uganda will maintain its high season permit rates at $600 through 2019.

There's more to Uganda than Gorillas

Though Uganda is famous for gorilla safaris, this incredibly diverse country offers much more.  The largest lake in Africa, the source of the Nile, snow-capped mountains nearly 17,000 ft high, savannas filled with elephants, lions, and other wildlife.  You can trek for chimpanzees in the rain forest, visit the Batwa people, search for the elusive shoebill stork, or run the challenging rapids on the Nile River.

Take a look at our Classic Uganda itinerary where you'll explore the highlights of this amazing country and take advantage of the discounted gorilla permits.

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What's Calling You to Africa?

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