Botswana Culture & Wildlife Safari

We’re pleased to offer a unique safari to Botswana that combines adventure, ancient cultures, and abundant wildlife. Join wildlife writer Bonnie Fladung, Earth Ark Travel, and GrassTrack Safaris for this cultural and wildlife safari to Botswana.  This small country is one of Africa’s most remarkable destinations for wildlife, conservation, and culture. It has the highest concentration of elephants left in Africa, the largest African wild dog population and one of only nine viable lion populations on the continent. Botswana is also home to one of the oldest cultures on earth - the San Bushmen.

Your privately guided safari includes 12-nights of accommodation, meals & drinks (as specified), San bushmen village visit, Tsodilo Hills UNESCO World Heritage Site tour, and Botswana’s best game reserves.  See here for more details.


We're offering only one departure date for this safari:

Aug 28-Sept 9, 2019

botswana culture wildlife safari
San Bushmen, Xai Xai

We will travel to a remote San Bushmen village of Xai Xai (which few tourists see) and spend two nights interacting with the villagers, learning about their customs, daily lives, and the challenges of living in the harsh Kalahari Desert.  We'll join them around their evening campfires and learn about the local environment on a bush walk.  The Khoisan speaking people are the oldest link with our past. Thankfully, and partly due to people like yourselves visiting the region, there is an incentive for the people to maintain their language and culture in a dignified manner.

Next, we’ll travel to the Tsodilo Hills, a sacred place to the San Bushmen and one of the best sites for ancient Bushmen rock art.   Spend a morning exploring the watery environment of the Okavango Delta by boat.  Finally, you’ll spend six nights camping in the wildlife-rich Moremi Game Reserve and Khwai River, famous for elephants, lions, and the rare African wild dog.

botswana photography wildlife safari
Your Private & Wild Camp
Your Safari Vehicle
Your Safari Vehicle
Elephant, Khwai River
Elephant, Khwai River

Accommodation will be in a lodge while in Maun. On the road, the camp staff will set up mobile safari campsites, which are comfortable dome tents with cots and an en-suite private toilet/shower. We feel camping is the best way to experience the African wilderness. While the camp staff takes care of all the chores, you will be immersed in the bush and surrounded by the sights and sounds of Botswana's abundant wildlife.


Cost is $6995 per person sharing (excl flights)

Departure is confirmed and we have a few more open seats

Please contact Dan Hopkins with any questions or for a detailed itinerary.


If you're in the Upper Valley region of NH/Vt, we're holding a free information presentation on Jan 24, 2019 at the Kilton Library in West Lebanon, NH at 630pm.  Come by to learn all the details about this safari.

In January 2019, Bonnie Fladung and Dan Hopkins, owner of GrassTrack Safaris, will be teaching an Osher@Dartmouth course “Botswana, Gem of Africa” in Hanover, NH.  With guest lecturers and presentations will discuss why Botswana has become one of the most successful countries in Africa, the culture and modern challenges of the San Bushmen, wildlife conservation, and Botswana literature.

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