Back to the Basics:  Mobile Camping Safaris in Botswana, Part 1

Mobile Camping Safaris

Mobile Camping Safaris in Botswana

Safari is a Swahili word meaning journey, and for centuries explorers and traders embarked on safari expeditions deep into the interior of Africa.  Today, a safari refers to almost any type of tour in Africa or beyond, usually involving luxury lodges with all the comforts and amenities.

However, a mobile camping safari is one of the most rewarding and authentic safari experiences in Africa. A mobile safari captures the essence of the original meaning of a safari:  a cross-country exploration through the remote African wilderness. A favorite with GrassTrack Safaris, a mobile camping safari is ideal for the traveler with a sense of adventure who wants to cultivate a deeper connection to the African wilderness.

A mobile camping safari immerses you in the bush and brings you closer to the wildlife and wild places of Africa.  It’s a slower pace of travel as you drive through the game parks from campsite to campsite, allowing you to absorb the ever-changing landscape and witness the abundant game.  You become synchronized to the daily rhythms of life in the bush.  After an evening around the campfire, you’ll fall asleep to the sounds of the African night under a blanket of African stars.

Botswana has a strong tradition of mobile camping safaris and the vast wilderness and abundant game to make it an experience of a lifetime.  On a mobile camping safari in Botswana, you will traverse the game rich areas of Chobe National Park and Moremi Game Reserve.  The environmental footprint is minimal as there are no permanent structures.  A mobile safari is essentially a “leave no trace” safari as all supplies are carried with the group. Campsites are wild, remote, private and unfenced, allowing game to wander freely through camp.  If you’re interested in an authentic, back to the basics experience of Africa, a mobile safari may be just what you’re looking.

Here are three basic styles of a mobile camping safari in Botswana:

1. Luxury Mobile Camping Safaris

African Safari Adventure

The most expensive option, luxury mobile safaris are ideal for travelers wanting exceptional comfort and service.  Safaris are accompanied by a professional guide and a camp staff to take care of all the camp chores and to cater to guests’ every need.  Food is simple and delicious.  It’s truly amazing what the chef can create in a simple bush kitchen!  Tents are large, walk-in, Meru style tents with stretcher beds and linens.  Each is comfortably furnished with a private, en-suite (attached to the tent) bucket shower and toilet.  Luxury mobiles are perfect for private small groups and families but can also be booked as a scheduled, group safari throughout northern Botswana. Check out this safari package here.

2. Mid-Range Mobile Camping Safaris

Mobile Camping Safaris

A mid-range mobile safari is less expensive than a luxury safari and is a great choice for travelers who want a camping experience but don’t require all the amenities included on a luxury mobile. The main difference between these two safari styles is the type of accommodation.  On a mid-range mobile, you’ll sleep on a cot in a smaller, dome tent (3x3 meters) as opposed to the larger, walk-in style tents on a luxury.  These are still fully serviced safaris so the camp staff is on hand for the cooking and camp chores.  Depending on the itinerary, showers and toilets may be en-suite or shared.  These are generally booked as scheduled, group departures but can be booked on a private basis. Check out this safari package here.

3.  Adventure Mobile Camping Safaris

Mobile Camping Safaris

The most affordable camping safari, an adventure mobile is perfect for those willing to rough it and join in on setting up the camp.  Also known as participation mobile camping safaris, guests "participate" by setting up their own tent, carrying their luggage from the vehicle to the tent, and sleeping on a mattress pad (not a bed or cot).  The safari runs with one vehicle and a trailer to haul all the supplies as you move from camp to camp.  Each safari is accompanied by a professional guide and a camp assistant but guests usually pitch in with the cooking and camp chores.  An adventure mobile usually does not include any drinks, so guests must buy their own beer, wine, water, and other drinks. Check out this safari package here.

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