Safari to Namibia

I’m just back from spending 2 weeks exploring Namibia.  This is an amazing country with beautiful landscapes, unique animals and plants, and a welcoming people.  Our group concentrated on Damaraland in remote northwestern Namibia, staying at some spectacular lodges along the way.  Following the group safari I rented a car and headed our alone to explore the coast and the Dune Sea around Sossusvlei.  The trip was full of adventure including tracking desert black rhinos, encountering a herd of desert elephants, watching 3 cheetahs consume a freshly killed kudu (while we were on foot!) and finding some of Namibia’s endemic snakes and plants.

In the next few weeks I’ll be writing more detailed posts about aspects of the trip, but until then here’s a short video of some Himba dancing.  Check out my GrassTrack Safaris Facebook page for more photos.

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