Chobe National Park – Along the River

Our last African safari started in Maun, Botswana, traveled to the Moremi Game Reserve, the Savuti Marsh in Chobe National Park, and then to what is known as the Chobe Riverfront before finishing at Victoria Falls in Zambia, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. In this blog we have been reporting on this fabulous trip and today we recount our experience visiting the Chobe Riverfront.

After having spent one marvelous day in Chobe National Park, the fifth of our safari, our sixth day was spent in additional explorations along the magnificent Chobe Riverfront. The Riverfront lies along approximately 10 miles of the Chobe River near the town of Kasane in extreme northeastern Botswana, only 55 miles west of Victoria Falls. On the two maps below you can see the locations of Maun, Moremi, Chobe National Park within Botswana, and the location of the Riverfront within the Park.

Cape buffalo chew the cud along the Chobe Riverfront

A hippo opens its mouth wide

Namibians fish the Chobe River and a Kori bustard hunts for food.

Because of its abundant wildlife, the Riverfront is the Park’s greatest attraction drawing thousands of visitors every year. This amazing place is one of the top ecotravel destinations in the world and because of the

number of giraffe, zebra and antelope residing in the area lion, leopard, and cheetah are a regular sight. The birdlife is also exceptional, from the larger species such as kori bustards, secretary birds and maribou storks, through to the brilliantly colored lilac-breasted rollers.  Fish eagles swoop overhead, dive bombing into the river to catch their daily diet of fish. Botswana and the Chobe Riverfront are a must see destination for every traveler.

Sunset in the Chobe bush and Storks at a pond on the Chobe Riverfront

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