Africa is an astonishing continent.  Immensely diverse in cultures, landscapes and wildlife, Africa offers the adventurous traveler a seemingly endless variety of experiences.  Untouched wilderness, vast herds of game,  unique plants and animals, ancient peoples, and stunning landscapes.  Indeed, Africa is the ideal destination for discovery, exploration, and adventure.

At GrassTrack Safaris we want to share the beauty and diversity of Africa with you.  An African safari is a life-changing experience and we have the expertise to ensure your journey is smooth, safe, and exciting.  We offer a variety of safari styles that focus on the wildlife and wilderness of Africa. Sadly the natural heritage of Africa is under grave threat and we hope our safaris can help spread awareness about the many conservation issues facing Africa today.  We offer safaris mainly in Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Uganda but can arrange safaris to destinations throughout Africa on a tailor-made basis.   Our safari styles include:

Camping Safaris:  Camping in Africa allows you to experience the magic of the bush in a very personal way.  Our mobile camping safaris are designed to immerse you deep into the African wilderness.  You'll fall asleep to the distant roar of lions under the African stars.  Our comfortable mobile camping safaris are the quintessential African experience (and our favorite safari style).  We offer four types of camping safaris:  private, luxury, semi-luxury, and affordable participation safaris.

Lodge Safaris:  For those who want all the amenities but are also looking for a wilderness experience, we also offer lodge safaris in Botswana and Namibia.  Or, for the best of both worlds we offer hybrid lodge/camping safaris where you can experience a wild bush camp for a few nights and the luxury of a lodge for a few nights.

Specialized Safaris:  Africa has much to offer to the inquisitive traveler with specific interests.  We can arrange safaris specializing in wildlife photography instruction, safaris centered on wildlife conservation, walking safaris, birding safaris, horseback riding, and canoe camping or any combination.

We invite you to experience the wilderness of Africa, to explore the rivers of the Chobe, the woodlands of Moremi,  the swamps of the Okavango Delta, the shimmering pans of Makgadikgadi, the Great Sand Sea of the Namib Desert, the misty jungles of Uganda, and to witness Africa's stunning variety of wildlife.

All with an experienced and dedicated crew.

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GrassTrack Safaris takes you deep into the heart of the African bush. Our mobile camping safaris offer the best combination of comfort, adventure, and safety while you explore the wilderness of Africa.

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I've traveled extensively in Africa. Having masters degrees in zoology and biology, I am dedicated to making certain you learn about the amazing things you see while on safari in Africa... 

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Zimbabwe was once considered the crown jewel of the southern Africa safari circuit, with enormous parks, abundant game, and spectacular landscapes.  But with the economic and political challenges of the past decade or so, it’s reputation has slipped.  However, tourism in Zimbabwe is slowly making a coming back.

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