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Fully Serviced Safari

The Fully Serviced Safari is perfect for those wishing to visit the best wilderness areas in Botswana in very comfortable mobile camping safari style. The Fully Serviced Safari is a non participation safari, where the safari team will carry out all the necessary camp chores to keep the safari running smoothly. On this safari You'll camp in the remote bush of Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park.

The Guided Lodge Safari

The Guided Lodge Safari is a driven safari with a private vehicle and guide. This type of travel allows you to fully appreciate the subtle changes in the environment as you move from one area to the next by land, and learn about the forces which drove these changes and shaped the contrasting landscape around you. The thrill is not only in the destination, but the journey itself.

The Leopard Safari

The Leopard Safari offers you a comprehensive travel experience of the best of Bostwana. On this 17 day journey you'll explore the Kalahari Desert, learn about the anceint San Bushmen culture, visit the Okavango, and the game reserves of Moremi and Chobe along with the magnificent Victoria Falls.

The Kalahari Safari

For the adventurous traveler, the 7 day Kalahari Safari will introduce you to the ancient culture of the San Bushmen, desert wildlife and The Kalahari Safari desert landscapes. You'll join a nature walk led by a San Bushmen and explore Botswana's largest game reserve.

The Buffalo Safari

The Buffalo Safari offers you the best of Botswana. On this 8 day safari you'll explore some of the best game parks in Africa, full of abundant game. You'll camp in the remote bush of Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park with a visit to the magnificent Victoria Falls.

The Hyena Safari

The Hyena Safari takes you to remote and little-visited Liuwa National Park in north-west Zambia to witness one of the largest wildebeest migrations in southern Africa (lots of hyenas too). This trip is ideal for the adventurous traveler looking to explore Africa off the beaten path.

The Fish Eagle Safari

On our Fish Eagle Safari you'll spend 11 days discovering the game parks of northern Botswana. You'll explore the islands and swamps of the Okavango Delta by mokoro boat, witness abundant game while bush camping in Moremi and Chobe Park, and be awed by the mighty Victoria Falls.

The Elephant Safari

Join our Elephant Safari for an 8 day camping trip where we'll explore the national parks of the Caprivi Strip of Namibia, the Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve, Chobe National Park, and the Victoria Falls.

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For Osher (ILEAD) Members...

Our Osher (ILEAD) group had an incredible safari!  We shared some amazing wildlife experiences including hyenas eating a baby elephant carcass, hippos grazing near our tent at night, and sightings of African wild dogs.


Read a short summary of our trip in the "Latest News" panel on the left of this page.


New safari destinations will be added in the near future!  Look for safaris to Namibia, hiking safaris in Tanzania and gorilla treks in Rwanda.  Details soon...


If you're interested in our 2015 safaris please contact me.


Experience the African Bush...

The campfire dies away and you slowly drift to sleep. Suddenly the plaintive howl of a hyena breaks the silence.  Far off a pride of lions roar as they begin the night’s hunt. Silence returns yet you lie in the darkness realizing only a thin sheet of nylon separates you from the predators of the African night...

Camping in Africa allows you to experience the magic of the bush and our mobile camping safaris are designed to immerse you in the African wilderness. Along the way we’ll explore some of the most spectacular game parks on the continent.

You can choose a safari to explore the rivers and plains of Chobe, the marshes and woodlands of Moremi, and the swamps of the Okavango Delta. Our extended safaris include the vast deserts and shimmering pans of the Makgadikgadi and Nxai.

GrassTrack Safaris, LLC offers a wide range of affordable, high value camping safaris through the magnificent game parks of Botswana. If you have always dreamed of joining a safari but thought the cost was prohibitive, take a look at the safaris we offer. Our high value trips offer the adventurous traveller an affordable choice for your African safari.




Campsites are located in the remote bush ensuring you enjoy a private, intimate camping experience. For a life changing experience travel with us on one of our safaris listed here. Contact us for more information.

The Buffalo Safari, an 8 day adventure odyssey through the wilderness of the Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park. See abundant widlife including over 200 bird species, African buffalo, lions, leopards, impala, kudo, and much more.

The Elephant Safari, 15 days of splendor in Botswana and Namibia. See Popa Falls, the amazing rock art at the Tsodilo Hills, and the Okavango Delata, Moremi Game reserve and Chobe National Park full of abundant wildlife.

The Leopard Safari, 17 days of unsurpassed cultural experiences and wildlife veiwing in Botswana. Spend a day and night interacting with Bushman of the Kalahari, travel the Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park viewing an abundance of wildlife.

The Kalahari Safari, a 7 day safari exploring the culture and history of the San Bushnman and viewing the magnificent wildlife of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve including species unique to the Kalahari's dry desert grasslands like the oryx.

The Lion Safari, 15 days of adventure throughout the wilds of Botswana including Chobe and Nxai Pan National Parks, the Moremi Game Reserve, and Okavango Delta. You will thrill to the beauty of the sun setting over the grasslands of Nxai Pan while oryx graze in the distance.

The Fish Eagle Safari, 11 days of magnificent wildlife veiwing on the Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park. Thrill to the sight of a leopard or cheetah stalking prey or sleeping under the shade of an acacia bush.

The Hyena Safari, 15 days of adventure travel in remote northwestern Zambia visiting Liuwa Plains Natinal Park and Sioma Falls before returning to Livingstone, Zambia where you will explore the breath taking Victoria Falls. At Liuwa you will experience the spectacular wildebeest migration, the 2nd largest in Africa.

The Fully Serviced Safari, 7 days of discovering African wildlife in luxury in the Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park including the Savuti Swamp. See abundant widlife including birds, African buffalo, lions, leopards, impala and kudo. Enjoy a Mokoro excursion on the Khwai River and a cruise on the Chobe River.

GrassTrack Safaris also offers a Guided Lodge Safari visiting the wilderness of northern Botswana and northeastern Namibia. This safari affords the perfect balance between adventure and relaxation while providing an experts insight into the environment and landscape that you are traveling thorugh.

Contact us for additional information on our safaris.

Please see this excellent article on GrassTrack Safaris in the Winter 2009-10 issue of the Hanover, NH publication. Here in Hanover. pdf button Off The Beaten Path


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The GrassTrack Safari Team:  Dan Hopkins & John Sovell

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